Writing a compelling travel caption can be one of the hardest parts of posting your favorite travel photo on Instagram. You’re trying to find the perfect words to accurately describe the feeling that you had during that exact moment and sometimes it just doesn’t come that easy.

This happens far too often which is why I love using a captivating travel quote for Instagram to help tell a story to my followers. Whether I am trying to find a relatable travel the world quote for my incredible Maldives photos. Or I need the perfect adventure travel quote to accurately portray that time I went wild camping in Botswana! There are always suitable travel captions for Instagram which can be used on a number of gorgeous photos.

Luckily, I’ve done the research and rounded up some of the best travel captions for Instagram that you can use when you’ve struck a case of writer’s block! Using one of these 75 travel inspired quotes will absolutely create instant wanderlust with your followers! Just make sure that if you use these quotes you give proper credit to the writer!

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