The Ijen Crater is an active volcano located at the Southern end of Java, Indonesia. It is well known for its milky blue crater lake and unique blue fire. Most visitors begin their trek at Kawah Ijen very early in the morning. Typically starting round 1:30 AM to see the Ijen crater blue fire and make it to the top viewpoint for sunrise. The trek to the Ijen Crater is the most difficult in Java, more challenging than Mount Bromo or the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

Mount Ijen is still an active mining crater for sulfur. Along the way you will see many men hard at work. Once they have collected enough sulfur they will carry the heavy baskets all the way back up to the top.

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Table of Contents show 1 How to Get to the Ijen Crater in Java 2 What to Expect at the Ijen Crater 3 1. Entrance fee at Kawah Ijen 4 2. Hours of Opening 5 3. Gas Mask rentals at the Ijen Crater 6 4. What to Wear at Kawah Ijen 7 5. What to Bring to the Ijen Crater Hike 8 Ijen Crater Tour or Do It Yourself 9 How to Get to the Ijen Crater Blue Fire and Crater Lake 10 How to Get to the Sunrise Point at the Kawah Ijen Crater Lake 11 How to get to Java from Bali 12 Where to stay near Ijen Crater

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