In all fairness we were in Nusa Penida during their wet season.

In February, a girlfriend and I decided to embark on a week long adventure in Bali. We purchased our round-trip flights, a hotel in South Kuta for the first night and that was it. With absolutely no plans or expectations we were very excited to discover the beauty of Bali. Giving ourselves the freedom to travel somewhere different each day.

Luckily, the google maps on my phone worked so we were able to make stops along the way and map out our routes. Initially the roads were well paved and wide but the farther away from the main road we got the worse the roads got.

They became hillier, narrower and rittled with huge pot holes. Due to the rainy season the pot holes were filled with mud and water. This made it very difficult to not get splashed with the muddy water when we weren’t able to dodge the pot holes.

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