I’d never been on a snowmobile before my trip to Svalbard. Yep, you read that right… never.  So you may think that signing up for an overnight (2 full days of snowmobiling) in a location so close to the North Pole is insane.

It was and it also happened to be one of my favorite experiences to date. Planning our 4 days in Svalbard was easy. We wanted to do ice caving and we wanted to see a polar bearhopefully.

Table of Contents show 1 Where is Svalbard? 2 Flights to Svalbard: How to Get There 3 How to Choose the Right Snowmobiling Tour in Svalbard 4 Snowmobiling in Svalbard: Day One 5 Snowmobiling in Svalbard: Day Two

Where is Svalbard?

Our group posing with the stunning glacier backdrop in Svalbard

So, what are you waiting for? Would you like to seek out adventure in Svalbard on an overnight snowmobiling trip?

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