It was early in the morning when we woke for our hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti with Serengeti Balloon Safaris. We unzipped our tent and stepped into the cold morning at roughly 4:30 AM. The sun hadn’t even thought about rising yet. Our campsite was pitch black and hyenas could be seen with flashlights near the campground bathrooms. We had to wait until they had retreated into the bush before we freshened up (safari life problems).

We were picked up at 5:20 AM. It was a roughly 45 minute drive up a long winding dirt road to the launch site. Along the way we were treated with a few hippos crossing the road–their large lumbering silhouettes were outlined by vehicle’s headlights as they trotted from one grassy water hole to another.

Take flight on a hot air balloon right in the Serengeti to get a different perspective on your safari in Tanzania

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