The Maldives is an ocean lover’s paradise and a destination that many people dream of visiting one day. However, planning a Maldives vacation isn’t always as easy as booking accommodation and showing up. Since the Maldives is an island nation, traveling around takes a bit of strategy and you’ll want to have most of your trip pre-planned before you arrive in paradise.

Having been to the Maldives almost a dozen times, I’ve put together this thorough and information packed guide to help you plan your trip to the islands.

1. Book Your Flights and Accommodation Early

Booking your flights early to save money is imperative for many destinations around the world and is especially true for a Maldives vacation. You’ll want to check for flights at least 6 months in advance using an incognito or private browser window. If you have a VPN or IP blocker on your computer set it to a lower income country. Often times the flight prices will be a little bit cheaper by utilizing that method.



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