Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. It is a relatively hidden but iconic beach on Nusa Penida which is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and dotted with picturesque palm trees.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that going down to the beach was even possible. Stairs were carved out into the side of the cliff making it easier for visitors to access the beach and enjoy the beauty of this place from sea level. Since then Diamond Beach Bali has grown in popularity and photos of the perfect turquoise water and diamond shaped rock are seen all over Instagram.

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Table of Contents show 1 Where is Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Located? 2 How to Get to Diamond Beach Nusa Penida 3 Where to Park at Diamond Beach 4 How Much is the Entrance Fee to Diamond Beach Nusa Penida? 5 When is the Best Time to Visit Diamond Beach Bali? 6 What are the Hours of Opening at Diamond Beach Bali? 7 Can You Swim at Diamond Beach Nusa Penida? 8 What to Expect at Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida Island 9 Other Beaches You Can Visit on Nusa Penida 10 Where to Stay on Nusa Penida Island Bali


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