Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is a county that may not be at the top of your must visit list. However, I’m here to tell you that it should be! Myanmar completely surprised me with it’s kind people, raw beauty and deep rooted history! I’ve put together this beginner’s guide to Myanmar and have included all my top travel tips so that you are prepared before you even go!

Having only recently opened its doors to tourism, the infrastructure isn’t exactly up to the same standards as some other Southeast Asia countries. However, it is a constant work in progress and the people are really working hard to make it easier for visitors to travel around.

This beginners guide to Myanmar is a good starting point if you’re planning to visit so save this guide and use as a reference before you land in this beautiful country!

Is Myanmar Safe?

The short answer: yes. As long as you stick to the main tourist route. These destinations usually include Mandalay, Bagan Kalaw, Inle Lake, Yangon, Hpa-An and Ngapali. It was not that long ago that Myanmar opened its doors for tourism so there are still a lot of things they are figuring out. Also there is still a lot of conflict going on within Myanmar so it is advised to stick to the main areas and not go off exploring in other parts of the country.

A Complete Guide to Myanmar: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go 


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