Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a partier. I rarely drink alcohol, I try to be in bed long before the strike of midnight and loud noise makes my head hurt. Despite all these things, there was a part of me that was completely intrigued by the Phi Phi island’s famous beach parties.

I just had to see for myself.

Table of Contents show 1 How to Get to the Phi Phi Islands 2 The Best Things to Do on Koh Phi Phi 3 Hike Up the Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint 4 Take a Tour on the Phi Phi Pirate Boat

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We returned from the excursion as the sun was setting. We went to find dinner and the boat partiers no doubt went to find the next beach party. The Phi Phi islands was a lot of fun and the parties definitely lived up to the hype. But really, I’m just here for all the fresh mangos and Thai pancakes!

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